Ryan+Jackie | Farm Engagement Session | Woodbine, KS

Ryan and Jackie had a 2-part engagement session — one was supposed to be a winter session (but we didn’t get any snow) and the second was a farm engagement session at Ryan’s family farm in Woodbine, KS!  For their first engagement session, we used KSU’s campus and Washington Marlatt Park to capture the prairies of Kansas — but I have to say that I think they were both more themselves and felt more comfortable when we did the session at Ryan’s family farm in Woodbine!

Ryan and Jackie first met on Halloween in 2014.  Ryan was friends with Jackie’s friend, and they met at the mutual friend’s house.  They walked to Aggieville as a group but immediately went their separate ways once they arrived!

A few months later, Jackie had moved back home to live with her parents for a bit while she figured out what she was going to do next.  One weekend, Jackie decided she would travel back to Kansas for a girls weekend with Kristy.  They had a fun weekend planned but when she got there, Kristy’s husband said that they needed to wait for his friend, Ryan.  Ryan tried to chat with Jackie all night, but she was just interested in hanging out with her friend Kristy!  The next morning, everyone was outside when Ryan and Jackie were both humming “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” — they looked at each other and laughed it off.

A few days had gone by and Jackie was back at home in Colorado when she got a Facebook message from Ryan!  He just wanted to let her know that he still had that song stuck in his head and he blamed Jackie for that!  The rest is basically history!  A few more long trips to Kansas and quickly after that, Ryan asked Jackie to be his girlfriend.

After a year and a half of dating, Ryan started acting strange.  Naturally, Jackie was over-analyzing his actions and was beginning to think their relationship was coming to an end.  They were talking in the kitchen and Jackie noticed Ryan wasn’t fully listening to her.  His phone rang, and then he said that he needed to go get more beer (which Jackie found strange because they had plenty).  Anyways, that weekend, his sister, Jill came over and was telling Jackie that her salon wanted to do a trial run on nails and asked if she was interested.  Of course Jackie said yes, because what girl doesn’t like getting her nails done!

October 22nd, 2017 came around and K-State was playing, so Jackie went to Taco Lucha to have lunch with Jill while she was waiting for her nail appointment.  Jackie texted her dad and made small talk but then he wanted to know what time she’d be home, which it didn’t make sense why he would need to know since they didn’t even live in the same state.  Jackie’s nail appointment was running long and she was supposed to be meeting Ryan’s family for dinner that evening.  After her nails were done, she got to their house in Chapman, quickly changed and headed to her in-law’s house.  When Jackie arrived, she saw that Ryan was still in the field cutting soybeans and she was relieved because that meant she wasn’t the last one who was ready for dinner!

Ryan’s mom instructed her to walk out to the field to meet Ryan and when she did, the combine stopped.  The auger extended and on it was a message, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”  Ryan got down on one knee and asked Jackie to marry him!  She responded with “Absolutely!” and shortly after turned around to see her family and Ryan’s family!

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