Goals — Love them or Leave them?

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Whether I want to love goals or leave them in the dust, I have decided that I NEED goals (desperately).  I can’t even begin to describe the amount of ideas and aspirations I’ve had over the last two years.  Ideas and aspirations that I’ve literally done nothing about other than let them bounce around in my brain.


The fantasy: I dream a lot … The reality?  Nothing gets accomplished unless I write it down.  


So here I am, writing them down for the world to see … 


-1-  Blog Regularly.

⌘ This is the second blog post of the year — that counts as regular … right?  I have always envisioned blogging as a super daunting task, most likely because I’m pretty horrible with grammar, spelling, word choice, conventions … well really horrible at writing in general.  So I definitely haven’t given blogging a serious effort.  But THIS year, I have made a schedule and have broken down the dauntingness so that it feels more manageable.  Speaking of bad grammar…I’m pretty sure I just made up the word ‘dauntingness’.  Oh well!


-2- Take time to focus on other photography genres.

⌘ Before I get into the reason behind this goal, you must know that I absolutely adore portrait and wedding photography.  It has enabled me to meet so many awesome couples, parents, families, children, and of course their beloved pets — and I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.  But between working with phenomenal people, I find myself wishing that I would take the time to focus on other types of photography such as landscapes and macro photography.

-3- Photograph a destination wedding.

       ⌘ I’m pretty sure this is every wedding photographer’s dream.  And I might be able to check this one off the list soon!  More details on this goal later!


-4- Give back to my community.

⌘ Giving is a great feeling.  And when you’re giving back to an awesome community, that feels even better.  I may be biased but I think Manhattan, Kansas is a pretty awesome place so now it’s time that I give back to it!


-5- Get published (either online or in print).

⌘ I subscribe to several photography-focused magazines, my favorite being National Geographic Magazine.  I pretty much drool over every photo.  And while I highly doubt that I’ll be able to get published in that magazine this year, I would like to accomplish being a published photographer.


-6- Take more pictures of my personal life events and randomness.

⌘ Earlier in the year I saw an e-card from Some E-Cards that said “You know you’re a photographer when you have more photos of other people’s families than you do of your own”.  Check! I relate way too much to that quote.  Even though I treasure the opportunities to capture moments in others’ lives, I have rarely made time for capturing my own life.


-7- Set up a styled bridal session.

⌘ Last summer I started dreaming up a styled bridal session.  It’s been in the back of my head constantly.  While I can’t release the details just yet, you should know that it will be jaw-dropping.  I have all the details ironed out (in my head), so it’s now time to focus on how to get those details, because it’s going to require finding some serious resources.  So if you by the slightest chance you know someone with a 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Convertible or a 1948 Cadillac Series Sixty Two Convertible, you should definitely give me a call!


-8- Win an award.

⌘ I suppose this is similar to my goal of wanting to be a published photographer.  Winning an award is quite an accomplishment, and I’m hoping to enter a few competitions this year and bring home the gold!


So there you have it — my 2015 goals are officially written down.  Now on to figuring out how to accomplish them!


Throughout the year, I plan to will post updates!

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