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Some things you should know about me:

  • My name is Megan Thornton! I am a double agent: photographer and {former} special education teacher — my passion is in both, but currently taking a break from teaching to focus on my business and family!
  • I am a Manhattan, Kansas wedding photographer and family photographer, and I also love shooting destination weddings!
  • Mi familia includes my hilarious husband, Tyler and our human-child, Jaxson. We had to say goodbye to our beloved fur-child, Butch in Summer 2017.  We made our family official on May 3rd, 2014!
  • Apparently I like to randomly spat phrases in Spanish while writing about myself. But I do wish I were trilingual.
  • As a family, we value experiences. So in our {sparse} free time, you’ll find us traveling, exploring, being outdoors and learning!
  • Sometimes I catch myself taking life too seriously, but that’s the perfectionist in me.
  • My favorite thing about photography is being a ninja. Yep, you read that correctly. True emotion floors me. I love capturing moments while going completely unnoticed … ninja style!

Why is it called Demiurge Photography?

… For six weeks, I tried to find a name for my photography business & could not come up with anything better than “Megan Stremel (now Thornton) Photography.” After a while, I thought I should just go with it since I had tried for so long, but reality is I hope to have other photographers in business with me, so I didn’t want my name to be the business name. THEN, I was correcting my horrible spelling on, the “Word of the Day” was “demiurge”. My curiosity demanded I click on it. I learned demiurge means “A supernatural being imagined as creating or fashioning the world.” I immediately thought, “That is exactly what I do as a photographer! I create or fashion the world in the picture I’m taking.” And there began Demiurge Photography!

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